: 11th International Conference-Synergy on The VUCA World: Maintaining The Resilience and The Momentum of The Economic Growth, 2017

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11th International Conference-Synergy on The VUCA World: Maintaining The Resilience and The Momentum of The Economic Growth, 2017 is organized by Central Banking Research Department, Bank Indonesia


Dear Participants,


Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking is pleased to invite you to our Conference:


11th International Conference, Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking




          It has been eight years after the global financial crisis of 2008/09 (GFC). The growth in many countries has continuously weaker than its long-run averages, as economies strive to recover from the crisis damage. In the last three years the global economy only grew averagely around 2.5 percent; comparably weaker than 3.3 percent during 1994–1997. The tendency that global economy has been entering a new phase of ‘new normal’ with a lower growth seems inevitable. This outlook underlines not only the weaker external demand and investment activities in the post GFC, but also the potential risk of the heightened global financial market dynamic; those factors which induce more volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in the global economy. The latter introduce the growing acronym of VUCA.


It can be predicted that the VUCA will be amplified by mounting protectionist tendencies, weaker potential growth, and financial vulnerabilities in many region, particularly in some emerging market economies. In this challenging environment, both cyclical and structural policies have critical roles to play. In advanced economies, low or even negative real equilibrium interest rates handcuff monetary policy and may warrant more supportive fiscal policies. Emerging and developing economies should find an appropriate balance between the fiscal adjustment and the other policy measures to enhance resilience. There are no fixed formula for fighting any sudden shifts in the environment, but there are sound processes which can be put in place. From the central bank policy perspectives, just having an effective central bank is not enough. Within complex environment of systemic shocks, the objective is managing price, monetary and financial stability; whilst strengthening the conditions for development. These all require professionalism and the sense of flexibility.


The Bulletin of Monetary Economic and Banking raises these concerns on its 11th International conference on “SYNERGY ON THE VUCA WORLD: A BETTER WAY TO MAINTAIN THE RESILIENCE AND THE MOMENTUM OF THE ECONOMIC GROWTH”. The conference calls the attention of practitioner, academician, researcher and policy maker, to discuss and to share the ideas for a better and a more equalized economy.


The Theme

The theme of the workshop covers, but not limited, to the followings:

  1. Policy Strategy in Dealing with VUCA Environment.
  2. Brexit and Trump’s US Policy, and the World Uncertainty.
  3. Central Bank Policy Mix: Issues and Challenges.
  4. Macroprudential Policy: the Polar between the Resillience and the Intermediation (Growth).
  5. Financial Deepening and Financial Inclusion as Source of Growth.
  6. The Global Bank and the SME’s Sharia Financing.
  7. The Global Bank and Islamic Financing.
  8. Innovation in the Payment System, Financial Technology and Digital Central Bank Currency in a more Integrated Financial World.
  9. Fiscal Policy, Sectoral Specific Policy, and Structural Reform to Sustain Economic Growth.
  10. The Optimal Framework of Policy Coordination.
  11. The Political Economy: the Concept, Measurement, and the Impact Analysis.
  12. The Free Capital Flow and Investment, the Foreign Ownership, and the Welfare Distribution.
  13. Regulation, Supervision, and Coordination in the Banking Industry across  Countries.
  14. The Banking Structure towards the Stronger ASEAN Economic Community.
  15. Financial Crisis Management.

Important Date

  • Open submission                                               : March 15, 2017
  • First round selection :

          - Detailed abstract submission                              : May 1, 2017

          - Acceptance notification                                     : May 15, 2017          

  • Final round selection :                                   

          - Detailed abstract submission                              : July 1, 2017

          - Acceptance notification                                     : July 15, 2017

  • Submission of full paper and Printed-ready poster     : August 1, 2017
  • Free seat booking (for non-presenters)                   : August 15, 2017
  • The Conference                                                : August 24, 2017

Submission Guidline

  1. Detailed abstract is required and must contain: Research background, research question, review of related previous study, contribution and the limitation of research, explanation of data and variables, clear explanation on estimation method, and expected result.
  2. All submission should be along with Curriculum Vitae and high quality photo
  3. Language : English
  4. Writing format:
  • Full paper should not exceed 35 pages, A4, 1.5 spacing, TNR 12
  • Symbol and equation must be written using Microsoft Equation
  • Reference must be written using Reference Software (Latex, Mendeley, etc)

Conference will give award for presented papers and the best paper.

All submission should be sent to: paper.bemp@gmail.com  (we intentionally use this third party email) and Cc. to emmy@bi.go.id and annisafnur11@gmail.com


Kind regards,

Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking Secretariat

Central Banking Research Group

(Conference Paper)